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Senses Fai - Mi Amor
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Senses Fail - Mi Amor

At some point in a band’s career, they have a choice of continuing a sound they were built on or going off the so-called “beaten path”. Neither of these choices is wrong by any means but Senses Fail decided to go with the latter of the two for their new album. Buddy Nielsen mentioned in a recent interview that he “wanted the band to move towards being less pop-driven and heavier and more exploratory.” “Mi Amor”, the first song released from Renacer, is our first taste at exactly what he meant. Don’t let the fact that half the song is sung in Spanish scare you away. Buddy absolutely nails it and still manages to make the song theirs, even in a different language. Right off the bat, “Mi Amor” keeps the band progressing from where they left off with The Fire. The band sounds heavy as ever and Buddy’s screams are at an all time high. Renacer will be released on March 26th by Staple Records.

“You are the ocean

You are the moon

I’ll follow you until the waves come through

And every day I’ll die for you

The undertow will pull me back to you”